About Me

I'm an ordinary woman feeling my way through a new, alien life without the man who was my everything. Journey Through the Darkness documents my thoughts and feelings as I grieve for my life mate.

My journey will be bluntly honest, raw, full of emotion and possibly touch on subjects others feel unable, or unwilling, to talk about with anyone. I'm making my grief, thoughts and feelings public in hopes that others who are traveling the same road will know they're not alone. As, or maybe more importantly, I'll give a voice to things that have crossed their minds and issues they are struggling to deal with, just as I am.

I want everyone who reads this blog to take something away from it. I hope it's something positive, hopeful, or comforting. Knowing you're not alone in thinking or feeling a certain way is worth it's weight in gold.

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, I can be reached at journeythroughthedarkness@gmail.com (journeythroughthedarkness (at) gmail (dot) com